Don't (always) listen to music when commuting (crop)

Don’t (always) listen to music when commuting

Commuting is super boring, right? Taking the train, the bus, driving your car everyday to go to work or school, is one of the most hated time waster. Sitting on the opposite corner, we have music, which is one of the most beautiful and incredible thing humans ever created.

A very natural idea to make commuting more pleasant is to add music to it. Imagine yourself driving on the highway without music for 30 minutes, just staring at the road. Super boring, right? But if you start playing Sweet Home Alabama on the car’s music player, this trip on the highway immediately becomes epic and awesome.

I listen to music everyday on my way to work. Sometimes though, I forget my headphones so I can’t listen to it at all. When it happens, I notice I do think more and come up with way better ideas for my projects. But when I start listening to it, my brain gets distracted and I become some sort of non-thinking vegetable.

So I would suggest to sometimes choose not to listen to music, particularly when you have projects you want to think about. And this also probably applies to men even more, because we are not as good as women at multitasking.